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Trailer Tech Simplified: 4 Essential Steps to Get Started

Trailer technology has revolutionized the transportation industry, providing businesses with enhanced visibility and control over their operations. [...]


Trailer Sensor Overview: Tech That Keeps You Moving

We hear about connected tech and telemetry in truck transport, but let’s not forget the trailers. Today’s trailers are hardwired with sensors to help [...]

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Trailers 101, Trailer Tech 101 & Specialty Trailers 101: What You Need to Know About Semi-Trailers

By Derek Shawen, Vice President of National Account Operations and Special Projects at Premier What’s the difference between trailer types? Which [...]


5 Keys to Beat the Trailer Shortage

With demand outpacing supply, you must optimize your existing trailer pool By Bill VonKessel, General Manager at Premier Global supply chain issues [...]


Part 2: The Fleet of the Future

How can data help predict fleet demand? Telematics—a word that didn’t exist until a few short decades ago – is now commonplace technology and a [...]


Part 1: The Fleet of the Future

4 upcoming technologies that will revolutionize the way you manage your fleet. General Motors' chairman and CEO Mary Barra famously stated, “The [...]


8 Reasons you should Embrace Trailer Tech

It’s not a new issue. For as long as there have been fleets, fleet managers have faced pressure to make them more efficient by increasing [...]


Boost Utilization with Cargo Sensing

Cargo-sensing technology can improve trailer utilization and driver retention. Cargo-sensing technology is a hot topic in the trucking industry. The [...]