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Understanding Rear Impact Guards

Rear impact guards are an important safety feature on any trailer. In this post we will share their history and current regulations to keep in mind.   [...]


Trailer Skirts: Do You Really Need Them?

Fuel is the second largest expense for trucking companies next to driver pay, so obviously, saving fuel is keenly important for every fleet operator! [...]


Liftgates: Types, Common Issues & Tips for Success

By Tim Ifland, VP of Specialty Equipment   It doesn’t matter how well your trailer performs on the road if you can’t get cargo unloaded once you [...]


Reefer Air Chutes: Yes or No?

Understanding Air Chutes in Refrigerated Trailer Operations [...]

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Reefer Trailer Walkthrough

By Miles van Rijn, Regional Operations Manager Curious what a reefer trailer is or what it can do for your business? Watch the walkthrough video or [...]

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Dry Van Trailer Walkthrough: Top Components You Should Know About

By Michael Schmidt, Dallas Branch Manager at Premier Trailer Leasing   You might think that trailers are the simplest part of your fleet. They’re [...]

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Semi-Trailer Tires

What to know & how to take care of them.  By Tim Ifland, Vice President of Specialty Equipment [...]


Air Ride versus Spring Ride

Plain Talk About A Debate As Old As Trucks and Trailers by Ryan Moenke [...]

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Trailers 101 & Trailer Tech: What You Need to Know About Trailers and Their Technology

By Derek Shawen, Vice President of National Account Operations and Special Projects at Premier   What’s the difference between trailer types? Which [...]