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Trailer Skirts: Do You Really Need Them?

Fuel is the second largest expense for trucking companies next to driver pay, so obviously, saving fuel is keenly important for every fleet operator! [...]


Liftgates: Types, Common Issues & Tips for Success

By Tim Ifland, VP of Specialty Equipment   It doesn’t matter how well your trailer performs on the road if you can’t get cargo unloaded once you [...]


Reefer Air Chutes: Yes or No?

Understanding Air Chutes in Refrigerated Trailer Operations [...]

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Reefer Trailer Walkthrough

By Miles van Rijn, Regional Operations Manager Curious what a reefer trailer is or what it can do for your business? Watch the walkthrough video or [...]

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Dry Van Trailer Walkthrough: Top Components You Should Know About

By Michael Schmidt, Dallas Branch Manager at Premier Trailer Leasing   You might think that trailers are the simplest part of your fleet. They’re [...]

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Semi-Trailer Tires

What to know & how to take care of them.  By Tim Ifland, Vice President of Specialty Equipment [...]


Air Ride versus Spring Ride

Plain Talk About A Debate As Old As Trucks and Trailers by Ryan Moenke [...]


Trailers 101 – Everything you ever wanted to know about trailers

By Derek Shawen, Vice President of National Account Operations and Special Projects at Premier What’s the difference between trailer types? Which [...]