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Trailer Sensor Overview: Tech That Keeps You Moving

We hear about connected tech and telemetry in truck transport, but let’s not forget the trailers. Today’s trailers are hardwired with sensors to help [...]

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Trailers 101 & Trailer Tech: What You Need to Know About Trailers and Their Technology

By Derek Shawen, Vice President of National Account Operations and Special Projects at Premier   What’s the difference between trailer types? Which [...]


5 Keys to Beat the Trailer Shortage

With demand outpacing supply, you must optimize your existing trailer pool By Bill VonKessel, General Manager at Premier   Global supply chain issues [...]


Part 2: The Fleet of the Future

How can data help predict fleet demand? Telematics—a word that didn’t exist until a few short decades ago – is now commonplace technology and a [...]


Part 1: The Fleet of the Future

4 upcoming technologies that will revolutionize the way you manage your fleet. General Motors' chairman and CEO Mary Barra famously stated, “The [...]


8 Reasons you should Embrace Trailer Tech

It’s not a new issue. For as long as there have been fleets, fleet managers have faced pressure to make them more efficient by increasing [...]


Boost Utilization with Cargo Sensing

Cargo-sensing technology can improve trailer utilization and driver retention. Cargo-sensing technology is a hot topic in the trucking industry. The [...]