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Trailer Tech Simplified: 4 Essential Steps to Get Started

Trailer technology has revolutionized the transportation industry, providing businesses with enhanced visibility and control over their operations. However, diving into the world of trailer tech can be overwhelming without a clear starting point. That's why our trailer tech expert, Ben Polk, has distilled the process into four actionable steps that will help kickstart your trailer tech journey. In this article, we'll explore these steps to empower your business with optimized trailer operations.

1. Enable Real-Time Access to Trailer Information:

By enabling drivers to access real-time information about trailer loading and unloading, you can streamline decision-making and improve operational efficiency. Utilize user-friendly interfaces or mobile applications that facilitate seamless communication between drivers and your operations team. This enhances collaboration, reduces errors, and boosts overall productivity. 


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2. Check Idle Trailers Daily and Alert Dispatchers:

Avoid wasting valuable resources and missing out on opportunities by implementing a daily routine to check for idle trailers. By promptly alerting dispatchers about available idle trailers, you can optimize fleet capacity and increase profitability. Simplify this process with advanced telematics systems or fleet management software that automate idle trailer monitoring, saving time and ensuring accuracy.


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3. Monitor Overall Utilization Rates Weekly:

Regularly monitoring your fleet's overall utilization rates is crucial to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Analyze data from the past week to gain insights into utilization patterns, identify underutilized or overutilized trailers, and make proactive route adjustments. Optimizing resource allocation based on utilization rates reduces idle time, cuts unnecessary mileage, and maximizes operational efficiency.


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4. Review Historical Trailer Utilization Monthly:

To enhance future planning, review trailer utilization data from the same month in the previous year on a monthly basis. Analyzing historical data helps identify seasonal trends, demand fluctuations, and operational changes. Leverage these insights to make informed decisions regarding fleet expansion, resource allocation, and strategic partnerships, optimizing your trailer operations for long-term success.


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By following these four essential steps, you can embark on your trailer tech journey with confidence, optimizing your operations and reducing costs.

To make implementing them even easier, we've created a downloadable checklist for you to use as a guide. The checklist includes all the key action items, so you can stay on track with your trailer tech journey and optimize your operations for success. Don't miss out on this valuable resource - download your checklist now and start seeing the benefits of trailer technology in action!



For expert guidance or further inquiries about trailer tech, connect with our trailer tech specialist, Ben Polk, on LinkedIn. Embrace the power of trailer tech and transform your transportation operations today!


Ben Polk

Ben Polk is a Telematics Manager for Premier Trailer Leasing. With 12 years of transportation operations experience, he knows a thing or two about what it takes to keep fleets going. He's eager to share his expertise with Premier's branch leaders as well as customers. Ben is always happy to help. Connect with him on LinkedIn!

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