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Fleet Management

Optimizing Your Trailer Fleet: Strategies for Efficiency and Cost Savings

Fleet managers face a steep uphill climb. To be successful in transportation and logistics, you need to drive down costs, increase profitability, and [...]

Fleet Management

Seeking a New Trailer Leasing Partner? Ask These Key Questions Before Renting

If you're in the market for a new trailer rental or leasing partner, asking the right questions is key. Today, we will share some of the obvious - [...]

Fleet Management

Essential Tips for Newbies in the Transportation Industry: What You Need to Know About Trailers

If you're new to the transportation industry, you may be wondering what types of trailers are available and what you need to know about them. Whether [...]

Fleet Management, Compliance

California's New Reefer Compliance Regulations: What You Need to Know

With stricter regulations and increased environmental awareness in California, companies that want to haul refrigerated freight within the state need [...]

Fleet Management

How to Partner With Your Boss on Fleet Management Needs

If you want to get more support, more funds, or more resources from your organization, chances are, you’ll need to partner up with your boss. Often, [...]

Fleet Management

Planning Trailer Fleets for Peak Season

By contributing author Charlie Willmott, Principal, WillGo Transportation Consulting, LLC What trucker enjoys turning down customer loads in peak [...]

Fleet Management

Trailers as Assets: Rent? Lease? Own?

What’s the best strategy to manage your fleet? [...]

Fleet Management

Rightsizing Your Trailer Fleet During Uncertain Times

By Bill von Kessel, Vice President & General Manager at Premier Trailer Leasing Truckers know that no day is the same as yesterday, and tomorrow [...]

Fleet Management

Creating a Great Company Culture

Lessons from Today's Workplace Landscape By Navolia Bryant, Chief People Officer at Premier In the ever-evolving business landscape, one thing [...]

Fleet Management

How to Avoid Costly Insurance Claims in One Easy Step

With insurance premiums soaring, Premier’s Loss Damage Waiver is a convenient and affordable alternative to the high cost of physical damage [...]