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Maintenance Minute: Navigating Peak Season

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Maintenance Minute Peak Shipping Season

Welcome to another Maintenance Minute! Today, we're discussing a critical topic: successfully navigating peak season.


As the calendar turns to late summer and early fall, the logistics industry gears up for the critical period known as "peak season". This period, typically running from August through November, sees a surge in demand for shipping capacity, coinciding with back-to-school shopping, the holiday rush, and various seasonal events. As businesses prepare for the influx of orders and shipments, it's crucial to have strategies in place to navigate the challenges that come with peak season.

Challenges During Peak Season

During peak season, logistics teams face a myriad of challenges. Higher freight rates, longer transit times, increased congestion at ports and terminals, and higher trailer renting costs are just a few of the obstacles that need to be overcome. External factors such as weather fluctuations, labor shortages, and evolving trade regulations can further complicate matters.

Early Planning is Key

To navigate peak season successfully, early planning is essential. Understanding customer demand early on allows companies to secure and negotiate adequate capacity, whether through owned, leased, or rented trailers. Early planning also enables the preparation of backup plans and fosters clear communication with partners and customers.

Utilizing Technology

Equipping trailers with tracking technology and cargo sensing capabilities is essential for optimizing fleet operations during peak season. Ensuring that teams are fully trained on these technologies enables better monitoring and management of trailers, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Maintaining Fleet Readiness

Keeping trailers in optimal condition is crucial during peak season and now is the time to get ready. Regular maintenance inspections are vital for preventing breakdowns and keeping the fleet running smoothly. Preparing for any roadside assistance and repair needs prior to the season and addressing them promptly during the peak is also essential to minimize disruptions to operations.

Partnering with Premier

From renting and leasing to RoadCARE roadside service, Premier is here to support companies during peak season and beyond. With a focus on flexibility and reliability, our team provides the support and assistance needed to navigate the challenges of peak season successfully. Give us a call! We're always here to help.


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