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Maintenance Minute: Air Ride vs. Spring Ride

Welcome back to another Maintenance Minute! Today, we're diving into a topic that's crucial for anyone in the trailer industry: suspension systems. [...]

Explore the maintenance needs of aging trailers and discover when it's time to upgrade. Learn the advantages of newer trailers in terms of reliability, high mileage, and customer perception.

Maintenance Minute: Aging Trailers Versus New Trailers

Welcome back to Maintenance Minute! In this edition, we're delving into the world of aging trailers and the important maintenance considerations that [...]

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Maintenance Minute: Trailer Lighting and Electrical System Maintenance

Welcome to our "Maintenance Minute" series, your source for quick and practical semi-trailer maintenance tips. In this episode, we're joined by our [...]


Maintenance Minute: Extending Your Trailer's Brake Life

When safeguarding your trailer's lifespan and performance, prioritizing brake maintenance is a game-changer. In this 60-second video, we'll equip you [...]


Maximizing Your Trailer's Performance: A Guide to Proper Shock Absorber Maintenance

Proper trailer maintenance is crucial to ensure safety on the road and to extend the life of your equipment. One important component of trailer [...]


5 Tips to Save on Trailer Maintenance

Let’s face it, trailers can be exposed to some harsh environments. Warehouses and terminal yards are busy places with much activity. Everything from [...]

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Reefer Trailer Walkthrough

By Miles van Rijn, Regional Operations Manager Curious what a reefer trailer is or what it can do for your business? Watch the walkthrough video or [...]

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Dry Van Trailer Walkthrough: Top Components You Should Know About

By Michael Schmidt, Dallas Branch Manager at Premier Trailer Leasing You might think that trailers are the simplest part of your fleet. They’re just [...]


Reefer Maintenance: Moving the Cold Chain Reliably

By Tim Ifland, Vice President of Specialty Equipment What do bananas from South America, fish from Novia Scotia, cantaloupes from Costa Rica, and the [...]