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Maintenance Minute: Aging Trailers Versus New Trailers

Welcome back to Maintenance Minute! In this edition, we're delving into the world of aging trailers and the important maintenance considerations that [...]

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Maintenance Minute: Trailer Lighting and Electrical System Maintenance

Welcome to our "Maintenance Minute" series, your source for quick and practical semi-trailer maintenance tips. In this episode, we're joined by our [...]


Maintenance Minute: Extending Your Trailer's Brake Life

When safeguarding your trailer's lifespan and performance, prioritizing brake maintenance is a game-changer. In this 60-second video, we'll equip you [...]

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Maximizing Your Trailer's Performance: A Guide to Proper Shock Absorber Maintenance

Proper trailer maintenance is crucial to ensure safety on the road and to extend the life of your equipment. One important component of trailer [...]


5 Tips to Save on Trailer Maintenance

Let’s face it, trailers can be exposed to some harsh environments. Warehouses and terminal yards are busy places with much activity. Everything from [...]

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Reefer Trailer Walkthrough

By Miles van Rijn, Regional Operations Manager Curious what a reefer trailer is or what it can do for your business? Watch the walkthrough video or [...]

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Dry Van Trailer Walkthrough: Top Components You Should Know About

By Michael Schmidt, Dallas Branch Manager at Premier Trailer Leasing You might think that trailers are the simplest part of your fleet. They’re just [...]

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Semi-Trailer Tires

What to know & how to take care of them. By Tim Ifland, Vice President of Specialty Equipment [...]


Reefer Maintenance: Moving the Cold Chain Reliably

By Tim Ifland, Vice President of Specialty Equipment What do bananas from South America, fish from Novia Scotia, cantaloupes from Costa Rica, and the [...]