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Seeking a New Trailer Leasing Partner? Ask These Key Questions Before Renting

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If you're in the market for a new trailer rental or leasing partner, asking the right questions is key. Today, we will share some of the obvious - and not so obvious - ones to keep handy for your next trailer leasing meeting. Want to download a PDF instead? Click here.

The Basics


Let's start off with some of the basics. No matter the situation, we all know you need to find out the new vendors availability, rates and requirements. Questions around these topics might include:


  • Availability and Readiness: Do you currently have trailers available of the specified size and type I need?
  • Rate Structure: What are the monthly charges for the designated quantity and rental duration based on my equipment needs?
  • Account Setup: What steps are involved in setting up an account and initiating rental procedures? 

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Diving Deeper


Now that we have the basics out of the way, let's look at some for the more granular question you should ask early in the process to get an accurate view of what working with this new partner may really look like. 

Question #1: Company Overview 

Can you provide an overview of your company? (Including fleet size, number of branches, years of operation, market positioning, etc.)

This question will help you understand the financial health/dependability of your new partner, where trailers would need to be returned across the country, and where they focus as a business.

Question # 2: Fleet Composition/ Trailer Selection 

What trailer selection do you offer and what does your availability look like? (Types of trailers, average fleet age, yearly growth for new and pre-owned units, etc.)

By finding out more about the lessor's fleet, you can get a better understanding of the kind of trailers you would have access to for future needs and how likely availability might become an issue during times of peak demand.

Question #3: Maintenance & Repair Policy

How do you handle equipment maintenance and repairs? (Especially in relation to trailers upon pickup and return.)

By understanding the potential partner's maintenance and roadside service options - but also their own maintenance rigor - you better understand additional cost you will have to keep in mind in addition to the relationship with the vendor.

Question #4: Return Procedures 

What are you trailer turn-in requirements? (
Covering condition and repair standards, location, availability of one-way options, foreign termination fees, advance notice requirements, etc.)


A key hidden cost to consider is the new lessor's policy around returns. Ensuring you have a clear understanding of their requirements now will save you many headaches later.

Question #8: Lease Terms & Flexibility

How flexible are you to accommodate my unique requirements or make contract adjustments? What are the key components of your leasing agreements?
(Including insurance coverage, cargo restrictions, early termination/extension options, licensing/registration/inspection details, etc.)

To form a true, win-win partnership flexibility can make all the difference. Make sure you understand your lessor's ability to adjust should you need help with a unique situation.


Keep these Questions Handy 

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ryan linkedinLinkedIn-icon-Sep-16-2022-07-56-06-35-PM Ryan Moenke is a Regional Sales Director for Premier Trailer Leasing. With over a decade of experience in creating and building partnerships with our team and customers, he leads the way in finding the best solution for our customers. He is constantly looking for new ways to help our customers be successful in their operations, whether it's by sharing industry knowledge, providing access to equipment, offering employee training, or simply connecting the dots with partner vendors that can help.


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