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Boost Utilization with Cargo Sensing

Cargo-sensing technology can improve trailer utilization and driver retention.

Cargo-sensing technology is a hot topic in the trucking industry. The simplest, most basic reason is that an empty trailer sitting idle isn’t making money for anyone. Carriers of all sizes are looking for opportunities to optimize their trailer utilization, and cargo sensors help speed the cycle of delivery, unloading and getting back on the road. In this post we want to dive into how cargo sensing can help you boost trailer utilization.


Reduced idle times

Following the addition of cargo sensors, the average #of idle days per month is said to drop from 10-11 to 8-9 days, a 20% improvement in utilization! This is because fleet managers can make quicker and more efficient trailer reassignments and improve their pool management if they have access to timely and accurate location and cargo status.


Improved turn times

Not only that - cargo sensing also improves turn time at destinations. Instead of waiting for the freight receiver to call the hauler and inform them that the trailer is unloaded and ready to pick up, fleet managers can tell immediately if a trailer is full, being unloaded or empty, and get the trailer back on the road quickly. Plus, trailers with cargo sensors often get moved to the front of the list for unloading because shippers know they will be billed for detention time if a trailer is held unnecessarily.


Greater driver satisfaction

Incomplete information or errors in trailer assignments result in non-billable miles for a driver to get to alternate trailer locations. Understandably, this causes driver frustration that can also lead to increased turnover. Cargo-sensing technology leads to more efficient trailer assignments, more billable hours and more satisfied drivers. It also reduces the cost of fuel and other resources required by driver misses and reassignment.


We're here to help

At Premier, we’re dedicated to continuously providing our clients with competitive advantages. Behind the Cab is one we we hope to add to your day by offering relevant trailer information to you and your team. Our fleet is available with IntelliScan cargo sensors on all late-model dry vans and lift gate trailers to keep you one step ahead.

If you're looking for more information about these or other ways to get the most from your trailer fleet, give us a call. At Premier, we’ve kept our clients on the road through millions of miles and every imaginable circumstance. We’d like to be a resource to you as well.



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