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Trailers 101 & Trailer Tech: What You Need to Know About Trailers and Their Technology

By Derek Shawen, Vice President of National Account Operations and Special Projects at Premier



What’s the difference between trailer types? Which trailer is best for the job? What type of technology do today’s trailers include, and how does it work? It’s surprising how often I get asked these questions as I work with large and small businesses across the nation.




Trailers are often the last piece of the puzzle for those in charge of managing fleets, and new team members are not always familiar with them. At the same time, trailers are a critical component of our supply chains, and fleet managers don’t want them to be the reason timelines cannot be met.

That’s why we created two free resources to explain everything you need to get started and push your team forward: Trailers 101 and our special edition Trailer Tech 101. Here’s a bit more about these two resources.



About Trailers 101

Trailers 101 is a simple, free resource that breaks down industry basics and lays out all you need to know to start working with trailers.


 With it, you’ll learn:

  • All about the most common types of trailers
  • Trailer maintenance best practices
  • The latest trailer regulations
  • An overview of trailer technology
  • And more

From the most commonly used trailer types to industry terminology, maintenance practices, technologies, and more, Trailers 101 gives you an overview of semi-trailers. 


About Trailer Tech 101

Trailer Tech is a free special edition e-book that can give you and your team even more insight into the latest trailer technology, management techniques, and maintenance best practices. 


This resource details:

  • The ins and outs of the latest trailer technology
  • Ways to avoid common trailer tracking mistakes
  • A detailed breakdown of cargo-sensing technology
  • Data management tools and best practices
  • A preview of the newest trailer technology that’s on the horizon
  • And more

With an in-depth look at current and upcoming trailer technology, Trailer Tech dives into the tools that are reshaping the semi-trailer industry.


Download a Pair of Handy Guides for You and Your Team

Whether you want them for a refresher, an onboarding tool for new team members, or to learn for yourself about the technology that’s changing the future of trailers, we invite you to download Trailers 101 and Trailer Tech—a free two-in-one package.


Trailers 101/Trailer Tech Guides


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At Premier Trailer Leasing, we strive to make your day better, whether that’s through supporting our customers with our national branch network, our large growing fleet and flexible approach to leasing, or by sharing our experience and expertise. Give us a call if you'd like to discuss other ways we can be a resource for you.


Derek Shawen

Industry veteran Derek Shawen has spent his career of almost two decades in the semi-trailer space. With a background in operations and an eye for the details, he brings a wealth of experience to his customers as Vice President of National Account Operations and Special Projects at Premier Trailer Leasing. Derek loves passing on his expertise to those new to the industry.

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