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To Meet Future Trailer Demand, Plan Ahead or Get Left Behind

With demand for equipment high and expected to remain high, now is the time to plan for your future trailer needs.


The widely publicized supply chain issues many industries have faced are impacting the trucking industry as well, causing delays in the manufacturing of trucks and trailers. Planning ahead is critical in this current climate. Today we're sharing some tips to keep your fleet moving smoothly.

Trailers are still scarce — Lock in next year’s inventory now

With the demand for trailers still outpacing supply, scarcity and delays are the result. Trailer production slot deadlines are often pushed back so planning ahead and having backup options available is your best course of action. This is the time to lean on your trailer leasing partner to help you prepare for future fleet demand.

Client-Help-1Together you can take a wholistic approach that considers both assets that are owned and outsourced. In addition to trailer availability, take advantage of your fleet management technology.

Use your available data to predict future fleet demand. Tools like FleetLocate® trailer tracking technology gather detailed information about how much you used the trailers, where they traveled, and when they sat idle. You can leverage this rich data to analyze past events, monitor current operations and reveal trends and patterns that should be used in planning and making projections for the future.

Make the most of the inventory you have

You may be able to find ways to optimize the effectiveness of your trailer fleet by improving operational efficiency. With powerful tools such as IntelliScan® cargo sensing technology, you can tell when trailers were detained at a shipper’s location awaiting unloading, when they were empty at a destination ready to be picked up, and whether they were traveling with a full load or deadheading.

Should you discover that an order for new trailers will be delayed, industry expert Patrick Maintenance-cc-cropGaskins urges, “Evaluate existing assets to make sure they are on the right maintenance schedule. If you are going to have to keep assets longer than planned, you may need to change maintenance cycles to accommodate the additional life you will need to get out of those assets.”

Consider renting or leasing trailers to keep your business rolling

Your customers are counting on you, even when new trailer production is backed up. Don’t assume you’ll be able to purchase all the trailers you need. Consider renting or leasing to assure your fleet capability.

Premier is here to help

Family_Mountains-hr-RGB-cropPremier Trailer Leasing is here to serve you with more than 50,000 trailers of all types and a growing network of locations across the country. We are continually investing to grow our fleet to help you meet your future goals.

Our late-model, low-mileage trailers offer the advantages of industry-leading technology for trailer tracking and management to help you optimize business performance.

No matter the market conditions, our business is to help your business succeed. When you call Premier Trailer Leasing company, you’ll speak to a professional with experience in the semi trailer leasing industry. We speak your language, understand your business and work with you to provide the ideal trailer fleet solution.

Contact us today to see what our expertise, flexibility and commitment to service can do for you.


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